Monday, 30 January 2017

Tallest Buildings in Dubai

Dubai has now beautifully utilized its economy in owning the world’s perfect technology in structure and architecture design, that it has dwarfed the tallest buildings of the world with a great margin of 700 ft. in height. It holds a record for the world’s tallest residential and commercial building. Seeking out the unbelievable number of skyscrapers the city holds, it is not possible to deny that the city has a passion for building rare, unique, and tallest buildings. No wonder any suggest of the word “tallest” has become synonymous with Dubai.

Don’t’ miss to visit these tallest buildings in Dubai that will have you mesmerized and make you bow to its thought.

Burf Khalifa

With over 3 million square feet of interior space at Burj Khalifa, planning and interior design of the building’s interior space started at the earliest stages of structural and architectural creation. A mixed-use program of residential, commercial, hotel and leisure space make the tower an international destination.

Princess Tower

The Guinness World Records ( May 2012 ) has officially recognized TAMEER’s Princess Tower in the Dubai Marina as the world’s tallest residential building, highest over Dubai’s skyline at 414m, 100 floors above ground ! A few of the many facilities the citizens of Princess Tower will enjoy are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym, a children‘s play area, sauna rooms, private car parking, a luxurious reception area

Almas Tower

It has also become the tallest tower holder in the city for just a few months. Almas Tower is among the amazing property projects in Jumeirah Lake Towers , an emerging free zone in which many corporate companies related to commodities market including the Dubai Gems Club, Dubai Diamond Exchange, Dubai Pearl Exchange, and the Kimberly Process Certification, are now working within such iconic building in JLT.

J.W. Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower

The J. W. Marriott Marquis Dubai in UAE, is the world’s tallest hotel, standing at 355.35m (1,165.84ft) from ground level to the top of its mast. The landmark building beat the previous world record set by the nearby 1,093 feet Rose Tower, another massive construction that also stands tall in Dubai’s amazing skyline.

So, plan your Dubai holidays and add these tallest building in your travel bucket list.


Monday, 23 January 2017

Travelling In Dubai Can Be Disastrous If You Don't Know These 5 Things

Before travelling to Dubai, every visitor must have to apply for his visa to Dubai. Before applying for Dubai visa, you should check the visa requirements, i.e. your date of travel, your duration to stay in Dubai etc. There are various types of Dubai visas are available for you to visit Dubai and you can choose as per your need or purpose. Normally the visa process depends on the applicant’s nationality and emergency of getting visa. The visitor who is the citizens of The GCC countries, doesn’t need to apply for Dubai visa and the traveler who are the citizens of 33 countries can receive his visa on arrival at Dubai Airport.

1. How can you obtain Dubai Visa?

To obtain a Dubai visa, people always in search of getting the best visa service. You can see the number of Dubai visa suppliers in the world which provide visa service, but gives standard quality Dubai visa service with affordable budget. They have an expert visa consultant which gives the hassle-free visa service.

2. What Are The Types Of Dubai Visa? proffers 6 types of UAE visa that are given below:
  • 7 Days Visa
  • 14 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Visa
  • 90 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa  
3. Which Documents Are Required To Obtain Dubai Visa?

With, applicant can easily apply for visa with minimum documents. Following are the required documents such as
  • Color scanned copy of passport with 6 months of validity
  • Color scanned copy of the latest passport size photo with white background  
4. What Is The Procedure?

Here, gives a simple procedure to obtain a Dubai visa.
  • Apply online for visa to Dubai  
  • Provide the required documents
  • Make visa payment online i.e. via bank transfer mode
  • Obtain Dubai visa via email in JPG format within 3 to 4 working days  
5. What Is Ok To Board Service?

Ok To Board is a pre-requisite of an airline to circumvent the fake visa issue. The UAE Gov discovers that, the many of passengers who are from countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh carry a fake visa. So, for security purpose and to avoid the entry of the fake visa holder, they introduced the rule of OTB stamp. In this process, the applicant has to send his visa copy to the airline and after the verification of visa details, they will approve it with Ok To Board stamp. Here, delivers Free Ok Board service.

My Opinion

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Now, Getting Dubai Visa Is Easy

In order to make the trip to Dubai, many travellers need to ask for a visa so that they can enter the emirate. The following will outline which one need to follow in order to obtain his Dubai Visa and get started with their adventure in Dubai.
Choose Dubai Visa Types
  • 7 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 14 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Visa
  • 90 Days Visa
Documentation Needed
  • A scanned copy of passport with the validity of six months
  • A scanned copy of recent passport size photo with white background
  • A confirmed air ticket
Process to Follow
  • Fill online application form carefully
  • Submit required documents
  • Pay Dubai Visa processing fees via secure bank transfer mode
  • Get your Dubai Visa via email in JPG format
Dubai Visa Processing Fees
  • Normal Visa: This Normal Visa form takes 2 to 3 business days to process & you have to pay standard charges.
  • Express Visa: If you don’t have enough time, Express Dubai Visa is best suitable option for you. It takes only 48 hrs to process your application and for that you have to pay extra charges than Normal Visa.
  • Urgent Visa: You can receive Urgent Dubai Visa in just 24 hrs by paying additional fees than Express Visa & Normal Visa.
Bottom Line
The good news is that obtaining a sponsor is much easier than it may sound. With, getting a visa to go to Dubai does not take all that long to do. One is usually issued within 3 to 4 working days, which provides a quick and easy way to obtain online visa for Dubai to visit.
Also, there is another option i.e. urgent application processing options which can get you your visa in just 24 hrs. However, you will have to pay a little more charges to do so when obtaining the Dubai Visa on an urgent basis.


Friday, 13 January 2017

Cheerful Holiday in Dubai

Forever wanted to just get up, get dressed and break free of the busy city? Well, don’t wait another minute. Get out there with our guide to no-fuss, stress-free weekend breaks across the country.

In the lead up to summer, Dubai is set to be busier than ever in the rush to cram in season-closing parties and last-minute meetings, not to mention the influx of holiday-makers – hotel occupancy in the emirate previously rose to 90 percent earlier this year. From no-planning-necessary escapes to mini-breaks in the city itself, and even full weekends off exploring far corners of the UAE, we’ve put together something to suit everyone.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the favorite holiday destination is the best destination to enjoy a leisurely walk in the lush beachside promenade or cherish an adventure right out of the Arabian stories. The ultimate combination of antique and modern, Abu Dhabi is revolutionizing city living , with greener and endurable structures that bring about an earth-friendly tomorrow.

Heritage Village

This is related to the Abu Dhabi Corniche, just next to the Marina Mall, a place in which you get to learn about the heritage of the Emiratis, ranging from crafts, spice shops and everything that takes you back to the golden era.

Marina Eye

One of the most striking features on the Corniche Breakwater, the huge Marina Eye ferris wheel dominates the skyline in front of one of the capital's favorite shopping centres, Marina Mall. The Marina Eye placed in front of the Marina Mall in the Abu Dhabi Corniche area is another experience you would fall in love with.

Al Bateen Beach

Al Bateen beach is place where you can view the astonishing view of sunset during the visit on beach and you would know why we always want to keep visiting this place more and more often. Marina Eye offers an exciting viewpoint of Abu Dhabi and provides those onboard unparalleled views of the city and Corniche.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Top 3 Water Parks in UAE

Get the adrenaline pumping with record breaking rides and slides, get up close and personal with sharks and light rays or kick back and relax on 700 metres of beautiful private beach or in the new exclusive reserved seating areas. Come and get your thrills, spills and divine relaxation at the best water parks in Dubai.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure, located at Atlantis The Palm Hotel, is well known for its impressive slides, shark-filled lagoons and aquatic animal encounters. The most popular ride at Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark has to be the Tower of Neptune. First, you’ll scale a Maya pyramid before moving 60 feet down a clear tunnel through a lagoon filled with real sharks. Home to the world’s largest slide tube, the world’s first dual slide within a slide, and the Middle East’s greatest zip-line circuit, you can also go swimming with the lagoon sharks if you’re feeling brave.

Wild Wadi

Among the best water fun-parks around, placed few kilometers from city center. Wave pool, Adventure River with winding raft slides and a mini aqua park for the children. The park also has a full amusement program which includes shows for children, etc. When it comes to excitement, you just can't get enough at Wild Wadi! For one adrenalin rush after another , try the 80 kms/hr downhill hurtle on the 33 metre high Jumeirah Sceirah; the 1.5 metre high waves at Breakers Bay ; the 170 metre white-knuckle ride at Rushdown Ravine; or any of the 14 amazing interconnected rides . For the not so brave and the laid back, Wild Wadi offers hours of relaxation. It's the perfect place to relax, sit back and have a wonderful time.

Yas Waterworld

Next door to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and at the centre of Yas Island’s amusement complex sits Yas Water World. It is the biggest waterpark in the capital and spread over 15 hectares it features a thrilling range of 43 rides, slides and attractions. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi's theme depends on a legend that shows local Emirati culture and heritage. People will enjoy the fascination that follow the adventures of the waterpark's main character Dana – a young Emirati girl looking for a legendary pearl that brought prosperity to her village. Building on the legend, the park will have a special pearl diving attraction that showcases the role pearl diving played in the UAE’s rich history.

This new state-of-the-art water park is full of adventure for people of all ages! Allow yourself to enjoy the Master blaster, Family ride, Flow riders, Juha's journey, Breakers Bay, Juha's Dhaw, Flush River and so on.
Enjoy the ultimate day out at Dubai’s famous Waterparks with interesting rides, family fun activities and much more!


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Arabic Live Music Restaurants in Dubai

We find out where else you can consume along to more melodious sounds than the scraping of your knife and fork. Dubai has various restaurants with lively music where people can delight in with near and dear ones.


There’s lots of Arabic amusement to enjoy at Dubai’s restaurants which includes belly dancing, as well as Arabic singing, accompanied by a pianist and drums, taking place Monday to Saturday each week. With two Arabic singers, who serenade diners in a multilingual blend of Arabic, English and French.


Diners are presented for choice when it comes to dinner-with-a-show cabaret concepts in Dubai. For swanky theatre surroundings, a fine-dining meal of Peruvian plates and live performances. For entertainment, singers, musicians and more, attracted to Dubai from around the Arab world, choose Beirut-born concept Music Hall.


Highly commended as a newcomer at Time Out Dubai’s restaurant awards, Izel is an unbeatable location for live Latin music. There is certainly a huge central stage and lots of space to dance. Bands are introduced from Latin America to perform for a time of residency, and the standard tends to be very high.

Burj Al Arab

This ‘seven-star’ hotel is a hub of luxury, and also a hub of live music. The programme for diners contains jazz band trio RBQ, enjoying in Skyview Bar and Al Muntaha, and pianist Olena Hutbulya. Inside afternoon tea spot Sahn Eddar you will also find daily performances as diverse as an Arabic band, a solo harpist and a classical quartet.


This well-known Italian restaurant and bar has a British duo entertaining guests on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The pair plays contemporary hits, commercial pop and takes requests from the crowd. Once the climate cools down, the music will be moving on to the outdoor terrace.

The restaurant promises live acts by a thrilling roster of musicians right from Latino to English, French and Arabic and so on combining a lively. Your dining experience will be enhanced by musical live entertainment. So, plan your Dubai visit & grab this opportunity to enjoy melodious music. Here, UAE Online Visa will help you to get your Dubai Visa in just few simple steps in & in short time period.

The Palace Downtown Dubai serves up the wide range of cuisine, a delightful mix of mezzeh, music and much more.