Friday, 29 January 2016

5 Incredible Places in Dubai

Dubai is a very attractive and rapidly developed city. Bits ‘n Bobs places are available in Dubai so that you can enjoy a lot. Spectacular shopping malls, amazing deserts, water parks, lavish restaurants, shocking buildings are the bee’s knees attractions of the city. Because of all these things Dubai becomes one of the most favorite tourist places in the world. Choosing Dubai as your tourist destination is an excellent decision!
If you are planning for making holiday in Dubai, then you must have to visit the following places:

  • Burj Khalifa:
    Burj Khalifa
    It’s just awesome! A very huge sky wrapper architecture of height 830m. The most famous tour of Burj Khalifa is observing an outstanding view of Dubai’s landscape from 124th and 125th floor. Visit Burj Khalifa at night time is a great tour due to it’s city-lights panorama. On the ground of Burj Khalifa beautiful gardens are designed and at night time you may enjoy a wonderful fountain show.
  • Heritage and Diving Village: Dubai's architectural, historic and marine traditions are highlighted at the Heritage and Diving Village, with displays associated with pearl getting and dhow structure. At Heritage and Diving village you learn the past of Dubai. Here you may enjoy camel riding and falcon shows. In addition, there are recreations of old style Bedouin with Arabian houses, an old-fashioned coffeehouse and a little souk.
  • Dubai Creek: It is a saltwater creek situated in Dubai city which separates 2 towns - Deria at the north and Bur Dubai on the south. The boats and hotels are spread all over the place. Visiting Dubai creek at the night time makes you feel pleasant and peaceful, because at night time you have a chance to the spectacular views of the city.
  • Dubai Museum: The wonderful museum of Dubai is located in Al-Fahidi Fort. The wall of the fort is constructed by traditional coral blocks bind together with lime. In the courtyard of the Fort you may see traditional boats and palm leaf houses. At the southeast corner of the fort the entrance to the gallery is located. In the 1st gallery the old Dubai map is displayed. After that video room is situated which shows you various videos.
  • The Miracle Garden:
    Miracle Garden
    It is just a lovely place! It is one of the great flower gardens on the globe containing greater than 45m of flowers. All the flowers are designed in various shapes like an igloo, heart, stars, pyramids and many more shapes. Here you will get a lot of facilities such as toilet blocks, VIP Parking, open parking, sitting areas, commercial Kiosk, security rooms and more. 

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Travelling Experience With

There are a lot of tourist places are available in the world to enjoy your vacations. But The United Arab Emirates is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world. The UAE is one of the most advanced countries on the globe. The modern buildings, incredible shopping malls, stunning hotels, awesome deserts are the main captivation of the country.
My overall, UAE trip is just outstanding. I enjoyed a lot in The UAE and the experience is much memorable. In the UAE I visited the following places:

The Burj Khalifa: It is the most shocking and biggest sky wrapper of height 830m and situated in the Dubai city. Inside the Burj Khalifa I was seeing  very stylish restaurants, beautiful shopping malls and also I enjoyed a beautiful sunset view from 124th floor, it was just a magnificent.

The Miracle Garden: It is a very huge flower garden containing more than 45 millions of flower. The flowers are displayed with different shape like stars, igloos, heart, pyramid and so on.

The Yas Water World, Abu Dhabi: A very lovely water park where you will enjoy a lot. All staffs are very helpful, caring and lovely people. All the rides, pools, slides, weather is just remarkable.
The Burj Khalifa

Dubai Creek: An amazing tour of joy and fun. Old style cruises known as dhows which cross the water from Bur Dubai to Deira. While enjoying the tour you have an opportunity to see the marvelous landmarks of the city.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi: A very beautiful park situated in Abu Dhabi. In the Ferrari world you should enjoy the outstanding rides. The most thrilling ride is a 4D roller coaster ride is just an amazing. All the rides, Ferrari shows and more things are just stunning.

My Sentences
My experience of UAE holiday is just great, but it is possible only because of the UAE Online Visa. For my 2 week UAE trip I applied for 14 days visa with UAE Online Visa. They provide me a tension free visa service. All the staff of the UAE Online Visa is very experienced, helpful and kind in nature. They give me my 14 days visa in just 3 days of working.

Thank you for making my UAE trip more special! 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Things You Can Do To Save Your Money On Travel

Travel Overview

To make your life more entertaining, pleasing, delightful and enjoyable, travelling is the most important thing that you should never miss. Without travelling you feel very bored in your life. The travelling gives you relaxation, positive energy and new experiences in life. Each trip provides you the fresh concepts and teach you how to make your life more superior than previous. In every journey you meet a lot of people and learn a new things from them.
If you really want to make your life more interesting, travelling is the best option.

How To Save Your Money

As travelling is very important, how should you make the journey in your budget is also an important question.
The first thing is you have to decide on which destination you want to go. Plan your trip in a group is more beneficial than a trip alone. Don’t waste your money on a single holiday package, you may choose combo holiday packages which helps you for saving your money and gives you a chance to enjoy more.
Another way to save your money is choosing the best travelling websites to book your trip. Also find out transport tickets with the best discounts.

Some Plus Points That You Should Know

As all know, New York, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada are some well-known tourist destinations, however Dubai is also one of them. One can easily find fabulous and super saver deal for Dubai. Gorgeous deserts, delightful restaurants, biggest shopping centers, modern and huge architectures are the leading attractions. Therefore, today a lot of tourists can choose their holiday place Dubai.
To visit The Dubai, you need to get your Dubai visa prior to your visiting date and choosing the right way to get your visa to Dubai is an important part. The UAE Online Visa is one of the greatest Dubai visa supplier in the world. They provide you fast and cheapest visa service for you.  They also give you FREE Ok To Board service for your Dubai visa. Hence, with UAE Online Visa you will save more money on travel.

Be safe! Travel more! Save money! Enjoy more! Visit us!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Get Useful Details About Dubai Visa

About Dubai
The Dubai is one of the most gorgeous cities throughout the world. Shocking sky wrapper, lavish shopping malls, man-made islands, deluxe hotels and fantastic desert are the main attractions of the city. There are a lot of things are available for your enjoyment. Hence, if you are really looking for a wonderful holiday, then visit to The Dubai is the best option.

About Dubai Visa
To visit any nation on the globe, obtaining a visa is the primary step. That’s why, if you want to travel to the Dubai, it is essential for you to apply for a visa to Dubai. To visit The Dubai, you will get distinct types of visa and Dubai visa fees is depending on it. As per your residency, the visa application process may differ, i.e. Gulf Cooperation Council residents not necessary to get Dubai visa and 33 countries resident should receive their visa whenever arrive at the airport.
The whole visa developing process may take 3 to 4 days of working to finish and it is useful for you to apply for your visa to Dubai at least before 58 days of travel.

Types of Dubai Visa

Single Entry Visa

  • 7 Days
  • 14 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 90 Days

Multiple Entry Visa

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry
  • 90 Days Multiple  Entry

Documents Required

The following documents are necessary to process your visa application

  • Please submit color scanned copy of passport which have 6 months of validity
  • Please submit color scanned copy of passport size photograph (taken under the white background)

About Ok To Board

Ok To Board is a requirement of an airline to verify your copy of Dubai visa. It is mandatory for those travelers who belongs to Bangladesh, Nepal, India or Sri Lanka. The UAE immigration noticed that some passengers from these countries travel to the UAE with a false visa copy so that they started Ok To Board service.
Once you got your true visa copy, send it to a particular airline for verification. After the verification of your visa, the airline mark it with OTB stamp. Here you should get FREE OK TO BOARD SERVICE.
Please remember, without OTB status, the airline does not permit you to board the flight

Last Words

To travel to The Dubai, you must have to receive your visa before the travelling date. You may select your Dubai Visa as per your suitability. Please apply for your visa minimum 58 days before travel. Ok To Board is also important for you if your nationality is Sri Lanka, India, Bagladesh or Nepal.
Thank you for reading my article!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

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