Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Exclusive Dubai Visa With UAE Online Visa

It is very important for every traveler to have a visa to visit or stay for a temporary period within any nation in the world. Hence, the visitors to Dubai must have to receive their visa prior to visit. The UAE Online Visa is a great visa service provider which make your Dubai visa within a time. With them, you will receive all categories of visas to enter the Dubai. The procedure of getting your visa to Dubai, depends on visitor’s nationality and generally 3 to 4 working days may necessary to generate your visa.
The Gov of the UAE gives the permission to natives of the GCC nations that they visit the country without obtaining their visa to Dubai. The residents of 33 countries have a chance to receive their Dubai visa on arrival. It is good for any traveler to apply for visa 58 days prior to travel.

Different Types Of Dubai Visa

The UAE Online Visa delivers you 6 distinctive types of Dubai/UAE visa with affordable rates.
7 Days
14 Days
30 Days
90 Days
30 Days Multiple Entry
90 Days Multiple Entry

Fee Structure 

All the visas have different fee structures, i.e. the fees for 7 days visa is less than 14 days visa. Also, according to how quick you want your visa, you may apply for following 3 fee structures.

  • Normal Visa: This is advantageous for the traveler who have an adequate time to obtain a visa. The visitor may get his Normal Visa with usual procedure and cheap rates. In 3 to 4 working days, you may receive your Normal Visa.
  • Express Visa: If a visitor to the Dubai do not have an adequate time to getting his visa, then he may go with Express rates. The price for getting an Express Dubai Visa is quite more than Normal Visa and typically, it takes 1 to 2 working days for processing your application.
  • Urgent Visa: It is really a very helpful category of visa which is applicable for people who wants to go to the UAE very urgently. The UAE Online Visa makes your Urgent Dubai Visa in just 24 hours.

Important Documents That You May Require

  • Scanned print of visitor’s passport.
  • Scanned print of recent passport size photograph.

How To Apply

To obtain your visa to Dubai in a right way, you have to follow the following 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1:  You have to make an online registration by filling the application form
  • Step 2: Please provide all the needed documents and pay your visa fees
  • Step 3: Whenever your visa application process will be completed, you will obtain your visa through your email.

Importance Of Ok To Board Service

Ok To Board is a mandatory requirement of an airline for your visa verification. This rule is only applicable for the passengers of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. To receive an Ok To Board status on your Dubai visa, you must provide your valid print of visa to the airline. The airline identifies all your info and update your visa to Dubai with Ok To Board status.
The Government of UAE introduces Ok To Board Service, because they noticed that, number of passengers traveled to the country by carrying false visa.
Note: You cannot board your flight without updating your visa with Ok To Board. The UAEOnlineVisa.com offers you Free Ok To Board Service.

Overall Discussion

Do you really wish to get your visa to Dubai? If yes, you are most welcome! The UAE Online Visa furnishes you proficient visa service and make your visa within a limited period of time.  Here, you may discover all the needed info about Dubai visa like its type, application process, essential documents, Ok To Board service, and many more.

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