Sunday, 13 March 2016

UAE Online Visa – Right Source To Acquire Your Dubai Visa

What Is In UAE Online Visa?

UAE Online Visa is a consistent medium of obtaining Dubai visa very quickly. They supply all types of visas to the customers who have any citizenship. UAE Online Visa delivers a first class visa service to the customers to visit the UAE. They have an excellent visa team committed to provide relaxed and hassle-free visa service.

Useful Info About Dubai Visa

Your entire Dubai visa generation procedure is normally carried out by applicant’s residency. The time necessary to generate your visa is 3 to 4 working days. The passengers who have a resident of the GCC regions are granted to enter The UAE without obtaining the visa and passengers who have a resident of 33 countries can receive their visa at arrival time.

Select Your Best Dubai Visa

The UAE Online Visa supplies following 6 types of visas to the customers.

  • 7 Days Visa: To enjoy your 1 week Dubai trip, you may call for 7 days visa.
  • 14 Days Visa: 14 days Dubai visa is better to choose if you are planning for 2 weeks Dubai trip.
  • 30 Days Visa: One can call for 30 days visa, if he desire to visit UAE for one month. It is also advantageous for candidates who want to search jobs.
  • 90 Days Visa: Want to enter the UAE for many days? Here you may get a 90 days visa service so that you will enjoy your long term Dubai tour.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa: 30 days visa is the best option for the traveler who wants multiple visits to the UAE, in one visa only, for the reason of business presentations, workshops or holidays.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa: 90 days visa also useful for the traveler who wants multiple visits to the UAE in 90 days, for the reason of business presentations, workshops or holidays.

Submit Essential Documnets

You have to submit all the documents online to obtain your visa to Dubai:

  • Color scanned copy of the front and last page of the passport
  • Color scanned copy of passport size photograph taken with a white background

What Should I Do Now?

UAE Online Visa is an experienced Dubai visa suppliers which supplies you professional visa service. With them, you may apply all categories of visas as per your choice and your Dubai visa fees depend on that. If you are the natives of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India or Nepal, then you must have to update your visa with Ok To Board status. With UAE Online Visa, you will enjoy Free Ok To Board Service.

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