Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Add Your Question – What Is Ok To Board?

What is Ok To Board?

Ok To Board is abrupt as OTB and it indicates just a small verification conducted by your airline service provider to make sure that you have all travel essentials for your visit to the UAE, such as visa, passport, and return ticket. Failure to procure an OTB may sometimes encumber your travel to the UAE, as airline team refuses to board the passenger, who do not have their PNR stamped with OTB message.

For Whom It Is Necessary?

The passenger who belongs to countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh required Ok To Board stamp while travelling to Dubai. It is also called visa verification. It is a requirement of airline, where, no passenger can board the flight without having Ok To Board stamp on their visa. Once you receive your Dubai visa, you have to send the visa copy and air ticket to the airline. After verifying your visa, airway can approve your ticket and stamp your flight PNR as Ok To Board.

Why It Is Necessary?

To minimize the issues about fake visa to Dubai, the UAE government authority started re-checking the traveler visa and the return airline ticket before the departure to UAE.

How One Can Get Ok To Board Service?

To get Ok To Board, you can simply connect with They offer various types of Dubai visas to the passenger with any nationality. Their expert visa consultants help you to get an instant Dubai visa with OTB stamp. Some airways may apply charges on Ok To Board but will give you at free of cost. 

Bottom Line

We all know that having a reliable visa service can reduce our tension. With UAE Online Visa, passengers can easily book their visa with minimum budget. We can say, the applicant can rely on the services of

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