Friday, 1 July 2016

Start With A Simple Statement – How To Get My Dubai Visa?


The aim of is to greet you back for multiple times by supplying best Dubai visa service. They facilitate the consumer to get Dubai visa online whether you are visiting Dubai/UAE for tourism or transit. They motivate the applicant to be aware of the visa requirements of the countries that you are going to travel. The has OK To Board service at absolutely free for the passenger.

Choose Any Type Of Dubai Visa

The UAE Online Visa offers various Dubai visas which is classified as Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa.

  • 7 Days Visa
  • 14 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Visa
  • 90 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa

Apply For Online Dubai Visa?

Following are some simple steps to apply for your visa to Dubai.

  • Fill application form online
  • Submit required documents (a copy of passport size color photo and scanned color copy of passport)
  • Pay Dubai visa fees via bank transfer mode 
  • Obtain your visa within a short time period 

Know The Reasons Of UAE Visa Rejection

It can happen to you that your visa gets rejected due to the following reasons.

  • If the traveller has a past criminal record in his country or another country, then he will not  get visa.
  • If the applicant is female and her age is below 25, then it might possible to reject visa.
  • If there are any typing mistakes occur, then it might possible to reject your visa to Dubai.
  • If your passport size photo is not clearly visible, then your application may be rejected.
  • If the applicant has unqualified like labourer or farmer, their UAE visa may get cancelled. 

Know About Ok To Board 

In an earlier days, number of passengers were trying to enter into the Dubai with a fake visa so, the Dubai immigration makes the rule of Ok To Board stamp. Remember that, It is just for the security purpose. OTB defines that, your visa is verified and now you can able to board the flight. If the passenger fails to update the OTB, then the airline will not allow you to enter the flight even, he has a valid passport. gives  you a Free Ok To Board service to their customers.

Bottom Line

The consumer will get satisfied about the decision he has taken by owing the Dubai visa service provided by The services are very activating so you may get your Dubai visa before the time which you have expected. I would like to recommend to all my friends and dear ones, when you want to apply for UAE visa. Being a top-notch Dubai visa agentcustomer can surely rely on their services.

Choose to get Dubai visa fast with best price and the perfect customer service.

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