Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How To Apply For Dubai Visa?

As Dubai hurtles into the 21st century at break neck speed, the need for labor to retain this rapid enhancement is exponentially increasing. With a burst in development expected in most of the fields driving the economic situation, the opportunity for employment is plentiful and thus the numbers of expats entering the country every year are on the rise.

Any foreign expat, whose nationality not belongs to UAE nation, requires a visa to stay in Dubai. If you are belongs to GCC nations, doesn’t need to obtain a visa and traveler from 33 nations can receive their visa on arrival at Dubai International airport.
There are different types of Dubai Visa and you can choose any one as per your travel plan.

Dubai Visa Types
  • 7 Days Visa
  • 14 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Visa
  • 90 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa
Dubai Visa Documents Required

In order to obtain Dubai Visa, applicant has to submit following required documents.
  • A scanned copy of passport with the validity of six months
  • A scanned copy of recent passport size photo with white background
  • A confirmed air ticket
Applying For Dubai Visa
  • An application form, completely filled out
  • Submit required documents
  • Pay Dubai Visa fees via bank transfer mode
  • Get visa via email in JPG format
  • A Quick Note To End: The visa requirements may change without updating relevant websites so you have to check the latest requirements.
How To Apply?

As we have seen to apply for Dubai Visa online, you have to follow the process. Apart from that, first thing we should keep in mind about visa supplier. After all, it’s about reliability I would like to suggest about Yes, it’s one of the well-reputed Dubai Visa agencies which give the excellent Dubai Visa service to their customers and thousands of applicants trust on to obtain Dubai Visa.

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  1. It's very difficult to get Dubai Visa by yourself but after reading this post it will be easy to get Dubai Visa for everyone.