Sunday, 20 November 2016

Useful Tips for Women While Travelling To Dubai

Dubai is a lovely location which travel enthusiasts wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. This wonderful city surpasses any place in the Mid-East in terms of its luxury treats. Whether you wish to enjoy fantastic sightseeing or love art and culture, want to indulge in varied entertainment and fun or enjoy finest gastronomy and shopping, Dubai never fails to impress.

On top of all these, Dubai is an advanced and mostly crime-free city and as female solo traveller you can safely enjoy your vacations in Dubai.

Do bear in mind; there are certain things that you should know before and during your visit to Dubai.

Be aware of Dubai’s local customs and rules:

Dubai is a part of Islamic country that abides by strong religious and traditional values. Even though Emiratis are welcoming and open-minded, they expect visitors to respect their local customs and rules.

Know about dress Code

Make sure that you dress modestly in public places including hotels, dining establishments, amusement parks, shopping malls etc. Your dress should not be transparent, avoid tight-fitting dresses, sleeveless shirts and tops with spaghetti strings.
Be wise with the choice of your hotel accommodation 
As you are a solo traveller, it’s always safe to choose well-reputable hotel which easily access your tourist spot. Definitely, Dubai has no dearth of excellent hotels, resorts, and apartments but on downside accommodation rates are usually expensive.

Travel lightly

Having unnecessarily heavy luggage when you’re traveling alone can constantly concern you thus killing the fun and thrill of travel. So pack your bags with lightly luggage just picking right accessories.

Avoid drinking alcohol in public

It’s strictly prohibited to consume alcohol in public, although you can purchase it from duty free shops within the airport. Also, you can buy drinks from night club, bars & few restaurants. But, it is considered serious crime if you ever caught being drunk in public
After all, travelling alone and being your own anchor is a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy.

Bottom Line

Dubai is top on the list of safe places to visit in the UAE. That said, it is cautious to remain alert and follow necessary regulation to take care of yourself as well as your belongings. To visit this wonder city, you need a visa and for that you have to go through reliable visa supplier. Here, UAE Online Visa is among the well-known Dubai Visa agents that gives excellent quality Dubai Visa service to their consumers.


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