What are you doing next weekend? Going to a friend’s birthday dinner or anything? Planning to hit the malls, or just grab a slice of cake with a friend? Something you would certainly not do back home, something that will get the adrenaline pumping and remind you that you’re really alive!!
These are the most thrilling sports, activities to experience in Dubai.

Dune Bashing

This is a fun one for all the family and you just have to be 3 years old to participate this. Hop in an SUV at Big Red, Rub’ al Khali Desert – the 2nd latest in the world at 250,000 square miles - and close by deserts. A well-known choice along with dune bashing will go on a desert safari, with some tour operators even providing camping options so you can sleep under the stars.

Ski, Snowboard, Toboggan

Would you ever think that you can go skiing in Dubai? Well you can in Mall Of The Emirates’ Ski Dubai as far as you’re at least of three years old. The slope here has jumps and rails to challenge skilled skiers.

Bungee Jumping

Do you know the Bungee Jump World Record was set at 151 jumps in 24 hours here in Dubai? You can experience the extreme sport at Dubai Gravity Zone which recently expanded its infrastructure

Shark diving

Dubai’s shopping Centre is really awesome. Earlier we shared how one can go skiing inside one and now another – The Dubai Mall – is offering the opportunity to swim with shark. If you’re 10 years old plus, you can get a short diving course and go scuba diving with the terrifying creatures which are one of 33,000 in the tank.
It is not surprising that celebs flock to Dubai if they want to endorse their ‘young, wild and free’ spirit in daring videos. Nor is it surprising that adventurer find in Dubai the amazing location to tick off a few more items of their bucket list.
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