Monday, 5 December 2016

Delicious Eateries in Dubai

Food is the one thing in this city that unites all of us. If we’re not talking about it, we’re thinking about it, and if we’re not thinking about it, we’re stuffing our faces with it. Because whatever Dubai might lack, it certainly gives you a vibrant and thriving culinary culture that’s going from strength to strength.
Visit these restaurants and satisfied your taste-buds with delicious dishes

  • Ginny's:
The bakery and desserts shop, which began in 1989, rewards itself for launching these little bites to Dubai. Some other famous treats on its food list include puffs – with alternatives starting from chicken and sausage to cheese – and also fresh cream cakes and cookies

  • Kibbe nayeh at Al Qasr:
This Southeast Asian much-loved is very hard to find on the shelves of Dubai’s food markets. Give thanks to Spinneys, then, that these addictively sweet chunks of yellowish goodness are available, pre-peeled, packed and ready to eat.

  • Steamed fish with ginger at The Noodle Bowl:
If you flick to the back of the extensive menu, bypassing the outlandishly popular noodle bowls and stopping prior to reach the desserts that the manager hesitates to let anyone but their Chinese clientele order, you’ll find this oft overlooked dish. Served on a rectangular plate, a noteworthy ladder of plump, steamed white fish is placed in a soy-based sauce, riddled with translucent ginger slices and spring onions

  • Sweet lassi at Zaika:
The sweet lassi at Zaika is a wonderfully thick, mercifully cooling and gloriously refreshing ice-cold yoghurt drink that’ll take the sting out of the spiciest curry.

  • Peking duck at Lan Kwai Fong:
The speciality dish at this unassuming Oud Metha restaurant, the Peking duck is ceremoniously prepared so that the amazingly glazed bird is sculpt at your table, where it’s wrapped up in thin-paper pancakes with cucumber, freshly chopped spring onion, and sweet hoi sin sauce.

  • White chocolate soup at Nineteen:
Chocolate soup? As desserts go, a bowl of thinned and melted white chocolate, pineapple pieces and a dusting of basil sounds like the sort of concoction that would be as sickly and as hard to stomach as a Richard Curtis video marathon

  • Lobster tawa masala at Gazebo:
It’s well worth looking over the 150 items on Gazebo’s extensive food list to seek out this true gem. The tawa masala features meaty chunks of luscious lobster, mix fried in a curry of spring onion, tomato and black pepper. It’s an absolutely unique dish that states much about this independent restaurant’s ambition to spread the word about excellent north Indian cuisine.

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