Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Simple Technique To Get Dubai Visa

Why We Need Dubai Visa?

All we know that visa is a primary license to enter or stay for a temporary period in the any country on the globe. That’s why, it is the duty of every Dubai visitor to obtain a visa prior to travel. The UAE Online Visa is the proper way to get your Dubai visa with reasonable rates. They believe in delivering high quality services to their customers. Within a 3 to 4 days of working, you will accept your visa to Dubai.

How Your Dubai Visa Is Develop?

Your complete visa development process generally belongs to the country that you belong.
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council countries locals have an opportunity to visit to Dubai without obtaining a visa
  • The residents of the following 33 countries may accept their Dubai visa on arrival

 What Are The Types Of Dubai Visa

You may apply for the following six types of Dubai visa:
  • 7 Days                                              
  • 14 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 90 Days
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry

What Are The Important Documents

To obtain your visa, all the visa applicants must have to provide the required documents
  • Color and clear scanned print of the passport
  • Color and clear scanned print of the passport size photograph (Only with a white background)

How To Accept Dubai Visa

It is very simple to receive a Dubai visa. Just follow 3 easy steps carefully and acquire a visa.
  • Do the online registration of the visa
  • Provide all the necessary documents and pay a visa fee via Bank Transfer mode
  • Take a visa through your email

Why Ok To Board Is Important

Ok To Board is a condition applicable for the local people of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The UAE immigration observed that many travelers from these nations visited to the country with illegal visa. Therefore, to block the entry of traveler with illegal visa, they introduce Ok To Board service.
It is very easy to obtain an OTB stamp on your Dubai visa. Send your valid visa copy to the airline for verification. The airline identifies all your info and mark your visa with OTB status.


It is obligatory for each Dubai vacationer to receive a Dubai visa to visit the nation. You may visit to Dubai by applying any visa out of six types. You must submit all the significant documents and make a visa payment to get your visa. local peoples of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal are necessary to obtain an OTB status. With you will get a Free Ok To Board service

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