Monday, 22 February 2016

Dubai – The World Of Wonderland

Dubai is a city located in The United Arab Emirates and very well-known for great shopping centers, modish buildings and enthusiastic entertainment activities. The city has lovely places, amazing cultural heritage and the Emirati traditions. With continuous sunshine, fascinating deserts, gorgeous seashores, graceful hotels, shopping malls, pretty historic attractions and a successful business center, Dubai attract lots of travelers and business people every year. In just a single day, the vacationers can enjoy everything from the rocky mountains and magnificent sand dunes to lovely beaches and lavish green parks, from dusty villages to luxurious residential districts and from ancient houses with wind towers to ultra-modern shopping malls.
Whenever you visit Dubai, you must have to go to the following beautiful places:

  • Burj Khalifa: It’s just amazing! A big sky wrapper tower of height 830m. The most popular trip of Burj Khalifa is noticing a spectacular view of Dubai’s scenery from 124th and 125th storey. You will enjoy more, if you visit the Burj Khalifa at evening due to it’s city-lights scenes and also you may enjoy a wonderful fountain show on the ground of Burj Khalifa beautiful where beautiful gardens are designed.
  • Heritage And Diving Village: Heritage and Diving Village is a very beautiful place in which traditional, historic and aquatic cultures are highlighted. Here you will see amazing historic attractions and traditional show structures. This village tells you a beautiful history of Arabian traditions. Also, you will see the recreations of old fashioned Arabian homes, old style coffee shops and a little souk. Here, you have an opportunity to enjoy camel riding and falcon shows.
  • Dubai Creek: It is a very beautiful salt water river that isolate 2 towns i.e. Deria at the north and Bur Dubai on the south. It is the prettiest place which particularly famous for its traditional nature and beauty. The crusies and lavish restaurants are spread all over the place. This beautiful seawater creek shows the actual lifestyle of Dubai and is an amazing  picture of the city’s well-established commercial tradition.
  • Dubai Museum: It is a very beautiful traditional museum placed in the Al Fahidi Fort. Here, you have an opportunity to learn the great, rich and essential knowledge of a very old past of Dubai that related to different people and civilizations across history. Here, you will discover the distinct environments of towns and rural life in Dubai such as aquatic, shoreline, desert, hills or agricultural life. Also, you will see the traditional houses, masjid and beautiful deserts. 
  • The Miracle Garden: The Miracle Garden is one of the most beautiful and biggest flower gardens in the world with more than 45 millions of flowers. In the first part of the garden you will get all the facilities such as  open and VIP parking, seating arrangements, invocation room, toilets, security room and many more. All the flowers are structured in various shapes like sculptures, stars, hearts, pyramids, circles,  igloos and vintage-style vehicles.

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