Thursday, 18 February 2016

It's All About Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa

Visa a very imperative document necessary to visit or temporarily live within any nation in the world. Therefore, it is compulsory for every Dubai visitor to receive a visa to Dubai before travel. Your Dubai visa creation process differs by your residency, i.e. if your residency belongs to any of The GCC countries, then it is not required to get your Dubai visa and 33 countries applicants can get their visa when arriving at the airport. Your visa development process may require 3 to 4 operational days to finish.

Types Of Dubai Visa

There are a lot of categories of visas are accessible for you. UAE Online Visa provides you the following types of visa to enter Dubai:

  • 7 Days: To enjoy  a one week Dubai trip you may choose this kind of Dubai visa.
  • 14 Days: Want to travel in Dubai just for two weeks? 14 days visa is available for you.
  • 30 Days: Are you planning for one month Dubai trip to enjoy your long term vacations? 30 days visa is useful for you.
  • 90 Days: If travelers wish to travel in Dubai for more days to enjoy a big vacation, then 90 days Dubai visa is beneficial for you. 
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry: If you want multiple entries into Dubai to finish your important office related tasks or any other significant task, then this category of visa is convenient for you.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry: As like 30 Days Multiple Entry visa, this visa allows you to visit Dubai for many times in 90 days.

Crucial Documents

All types of Dubai visa need certain types of documents and you have to provide that

  • The traveler’s color scanned print of first and last page of the passport
  • The traveler’s color scanned print of the passport photograph with white background

Take An Eye On

Please submit the passport of 6 months of validity

  • The photograph’s size must be 4.3 × 5.5 cms
  • The photograph is visible up to 80%
  • The handwritten passport copy is not acceptable

Procedure To Apply For Dubai Visa

The following steps are necessary to follow to get your visa

  • Submit Visa Application Form 
  • Submit Necessary Documents
  • Pay Your Visa Fees through bank transfer mode
  • Get your visa via your email

About Ok To Board Service

It is compulsory of the travelers of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh or India to receive their Dubai visa with Ok To board stamp. Because, The Gov of United Arab Emirates discovered that the travelers from these nations enter to The UAE with bogus visa. Hence solve this serious problem they have begun an Ok To Board service.
The OTB is a method of authorization your Dubai visa. Your Dubai visa agent usually sends you a legal visa and it is mandatory for you to send it to the respective airline for verification. The airline twice check all the necessary details and permit your visa with OTB stamp.
Note: Without OTB stamp, the airline does not give you approval to Board the flight. In a very unique case they give you an allowance to board the flight by receiving some fine from you.

Final Result

If you are planning to travel to The Dubai, then your responsibility is obtaining a visa to Dubai. To get your Dubai visa, it is mandatory for you to provide all the documents accurately and make a visa payment as soon as possible. OTB is restricted for passengers from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh or India. Here you have a chance to get an Ok To Board service WITHOUT PAYING ANY COST.

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