Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Guidelines For Obtaining Your Dubai Visa

What is Dubai Visa?

As Visa is very crucial document to visit any country on the earth, it is the responsibility of each Dubai visitor to get their visa. To enter Dubai, you will get different choices of visa and you may request for any of these as per your suitability. The entire visa application process is done as per your citizenship and 3 to 4 days are required to finish the process. It is not restricted to the citizens of the GCC nations to obtain their Dubai visa and Citizens of 33 countries may acquire their visa whenever reach at the airport.

What Are The Types Of Dubai Visa?

The UAE Online Visa is offering 6 types of Dubai visa for you with the reasonable rates.

7 Days Visa: This type of  visa is accessible to those visitors who plans their Dubai visit for a small period.

14 Days Visa: If you wish for a short term visit to the Dubai for the purpose of the holidays, official meetings, business work or seminar, then 14 days visa is a suitable option for you.
30 Days Visa: One can apply for 30 days visa, if he wants to visit UAE for one month (30 days). It is also helpful for job searchers.

90 Days Visa: Wish to travel to Dubai for an extended period? UAE Online Visa gives you 90 days visa service so that you may enjoy your Dubai tour with some more days in your hand.

30 Days Multiple Entry Visa: 30 days multiple entry visa is a right option for the travelers who want multiple visits to Dubai, in one visa only, for the reason of business meetings, presentations, workshops or holidays.

90 Days Multiple Entry Visa: 90 days multiple entry visa permits you to enter Dubai for many times in the period of 90 days.

What Is Ok To Board?

Ok To Board is a compulsion of an airline. After receiving your Dubai visa, you have to send your visa copy to the airline for authentication in which the respective airline verifies your visa and mark it with Ok To Board.
Please note that, only particular airline sponsored can request airline for Ok To Board and without OTB, you cannot board a flight.

What Should I Do Now?

The main aim of UAE Online Visa is to provide you ‘Hassle Free Visa Service’. With them, you will receive all types of Dubai visa with the best price. The UAE Online Visa has an expert team which will guide you in each and every single step of your visa obtaining procedure. The key highlight of UAEOnlineVisa.com is they offer free OTB service.
Whenever you want your Dubai Visa, get ready to book with UAEOnlieVisa.com. Really, you will not receive any complaints from them.

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